Obediance World Cup and Dog Show - Smygehuk

Location: Trelleborg
Category: Sports & Games, Other events

The event is part of an international meeting of the International Hovawart Federation, a unique association of 16 member states in Europe and the United States that collaborate in breeding and health issues for the dog breed Hovawart, with the aim of preserving the healthiness and origin of the breed.
This annual meeting circulates in member countries and this year, the Swedish Hovawart Club has the privilege to host the meeting,
This year the meeting will take place at Smygehus Havsbad in Smygehamn. Around 40 delegates from 16 countries participate in this 2-day meeting.

Parallel to this meeting, there are two different obedience competitions organized on Saturday 30/9. The day will start with the official competition for all dog breeds, in the afternoon we continue with the Obediance World Cup for Hovawart. Dogs from a number of member countries will participate in the World Cup competition. Obedience competitions start at 10.00 and continues until approximately 15.00 with various interruptions.
Here, you have the opportunity to view the world elite in the race show off their skills in pursuit of the desirable World Cup title.
This competition takes place at Köpmansmagasinet, and entry is free of charge.

Sunday 1/10 is a large dog show for Hovawart with international status, and here you have the opportunity to see lots
of beautiful Hovawart.
The exhibition starts at 10.00 and is estimated to end around 15.00. Also here is entry free of charge

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