Thorsten Flinck - Doctor Glas

Location: Trelleborg
Category: Theatre

Thorsten Flinck is back with his famous interpretation of Hjalmar Söderberg's classic Doctor Glas, for a few exclusive performances.

Perhaps Doctor Glass is needed more than ever. What are the consequences of not feeling loved?
This novel by Hjalmar Söderberg is a one-act play that takes us back to the turn of the century, as early as 1905. At the time, this history was perceived as greatly provocative to the contemporary readers. Today it has become a classic and touches the readers in a way like few other works.
Few literary masterpieces succeed in capturing complexity such as Söderberg's Doctor Glas and few actors manage to give life to the story, in the way Thorsten Flinck does.
Join the depressed Doctor Glass, the abominable pastor and his desperate unhappy wife. Despite a performance with many emotions and thoughts about life and death, contempt, loneliness and complex love, Thorsten succeeds in catching the audience's laughter in the right places and now it's Your turn to be enchanted.
What makes Thorsten Flinck extra unique is that he manages to plays all the characters himself while captivating the audience. He has a presence at stage that is unique.

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