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Location: Trelleborg
Category: Konst, Free Admission
Date: Friday 19 apr 2019 - Friday 26 Apr 2019

Easter's art exhibition offers two exhibitors, glass artist Micke Johansson and Pedro Pérez Casanova at Galleri Fågel in Beddingestrand.

PD Pérez Casanova has studied graphic design and in parallel with the studies he began to paint. After attending several courses with different artists and won awards and praises in his paintings, his personal expression has emerged. Now he devotes himself exclusively to his artistry. He had his first exhibition 27 years ago and has since exhibited both nationally and internationally at various galleries and art fairs. His works are found in both European and American private collections and public institutions. The internalized and precise realism of his art blurs out the contours while being realistic in a special way with light and textures. His special personality conveys both a dreamy and pulsating atmosphere. PD Pérez Casanova is a wizard of light. This feature is present in virtually all works. His art is a living example of an artistic presence that strives to survive with the help of a new vision of figurative art.

Micke Johansson is the glassblower master who can conjure up with the glass pipe. He already had the epitome of natural talent when he started as a 16-year-old in the cabin at Orrefors glassworks, where he learned the craft from the ground up. He was one of Sweden´s youngest glassblower at the age of 24. After the time in Orrefors, Micke ran the glass hut in Pukeberg a few years and then built up his own cabin in Örsjö, which he now runs. There, he mainly works in the techniques of Ariel and Grail, testing opportunities and challenging the techniques.
The acreage technique, which means "spirit of air", was produced by Gustav Bergkvist in 1936. The gravel technique was produced by Knut Bergkvist in Orrefors as early as 1916. The finest glass blower technology is according to Micke ariel. Micke has developed and refined the technology and is now the only champion in the world that blows in the technology double Ariel. Micke is both a glassblower and a designer, which is a rather unusual combination according to Swedish tradition.
After a scholarship for Pilchuck Glass School in the US and internship with the famous champion Silvano Signoretto in Murano, Italy, Micke was inspired to develop his own design.
Today Micke works 30% of the time by blowing glass to other artists, the rest of the time he blows glass that he himself has designed. He constantly tests new opportunities and challenges the craft. A complicated doubleariel takes three weeks to develope, from the first small item to finished doubleariel. Another mission for Micke is to show that the Kingdom of Glass lives and that there are still lots of knowledge and craftsmanship.
For 30 years, Micke Johansson has worked with glass, explored it and developed the craft. He has, among other things, received the Barometern-OT's cultural prize Gula Fjädern for his ability to preserve and at the same time challenge older craft techniques.
In the fall of 2017, Micke participated in the world's largest glass fair in Chicago and also offered a arielshow in Chicago and New York.


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26 Apr
Friday 26 apr 2019 9:00 AM  

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