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29 Sep 2017
Arena/Place: Parken Category: Show/comedy, Stand up
Time: 19:00
Comedy night in The Park in Trelleborg with Kristoffer Appelquist, Adde Malmberg, Petrina Solange and Sebastian Andersson.
Scanian comedy night in The Park

14 Oct 2017
Arena/Place: Parken Category: Konsert, Children/family
Time: 16:00
The three tenors (Nils Olsson, Calle Rahmqvist and Johan Palmqvist) and Söderslätts´ Musikkår offers an evening with music from films and musicals all mixed with popular favourits. The event is led by Marianne Mörck and My Johansson. The band Söde...
Concert with the band "Söderslätts´ Musikkår" & the three tenors

22 Nov 2017
Arena/Place: Parken Category: Food
Time: 19:00
Tareq tells about his journey from the chef training via the gourmet restaurant "Trappa ner" and "Slottsträdgårdens café" and today's work as a popular TV-chef and restaurant keeper - constantly looking for new challenges.
Tareq - The travels of the food the entrepreneur
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