Östra Klagstorp's church

Address: Östra Klagstorp, 23197 Klagstorp Show map

Address: Östra Klagstorp, 23197 Klagstorp

The church is in the west parts of the village, in the old part of Östra Klagstop. The current church is from the 19th century, there was previously a medieval church in the same location.

The church has an octagonal tower above the weaponhouse. The nave has six pillars on each side. There are two iron doors on the north side of the nave and in the churchyard there are great linden trees.

In 1851 the old church in Klagstorp was renovated but only 13 years later the parish found the church too small for the growing population and asked architect Helgo Zettervall to design a new one. The new church was built under the supervision of builder Ljungberg for 23 000 riksdaler and was finished in 1868. Only four years later though the church required repairs.

An extensive renovation was conducted in 1939, under the supervision of architect Eiler Graebe. The fittings of the church are mainly from this time. The windows in the chancel are from 1955. The inside of the church is light and airy with white-washed walls and vaults.

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