Köpmansmagasinet, Smygehuk

Address: Smyge Strandväg 10, 23178 Smygehamn Show map

Address: Smyge Strandväg 10, 23178 Smygehamn

Köpmansmagasinet enjoys a beautiful setting, and hosts art exhibitions, music events and theatre evenings, as well as a tourism office and a café

Smygehuk’s Köpmansmagasinet is one of the southernmost buildings in Sweden. This former merchant’s warehouse is one of four built in the area in the early 19th century. The impressive building is now home to a tourism office, a café, handicraft displays and art exhibitions. It enjoys a stunning setting, just a stone’s throw from the Baltic, and visitors can explore the nearby harbour, café, kiosk, smokehouse and lighthouse. Köpmansmagasinet is only open during the summertime.

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    Smyge Strandväg 10
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    +46 (0)70-347 96 37
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    May 30- august 30 2015. Every day 10 am - 6 pm