Gislöv church

Address: Gislöv by, 23191 Trelleborg Show map

Address: Gislöv by, 23191 Trelleborg

Gislöv church is one of Söderslätt’s best preserved churches from the Middle Ages, the oldest parts date from the 12th century.

The church is considered to be dedicated to St. Peter. On the church seal, which is preserved at Lund Historical museum, a key is depicted.

North of the church, graves have been found that are considerably older than the church itself. This suggests that there was probably a wooden church on the site before the current Gislöv church was built.

Chancel and naves date back to the 1200s, and the tower was built in installments between 1760 and 1824.

The font in the church is the original one from 1656, which makes it the oldest inventory in the church. In 1936 the vaults were reconstructed, to bring back the rich decorations of frescoes from the 15th and 16th centuries. The renovation restored the church almost entirely to its original condition from 500 years earlier.

The altar piece is from the first half of the 17th century, as is the pulpit. In the triumphal arch hangs a crucifix that dates to the 1300s.

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