Albäck forest

Address: Albäcksskogen Show map

Address: Albäcksskogen

The forest is located west of Trelleborg

The forest was created as a recreational area and spreads on both sides of the river Albäck. In 1924 the first plantations were set in the area. The forest holds place for e.g. fir trees, pines, abeles and osiers. It is pierced by pathways, fitness paths and a couple of artificial dams. Throughout the forest there are tables, benches and also fireplaces for those who want to have picnic. An adventure playground has also been created.
Beginning in spring 1997 students in grade 4 in schools around Trelleborg have planted trees and bushes in the Albäck area. Each school plants their own bosket of trees and bushes. The area will serve as a “school forest”.

In year 2003 the forest was expanded with almost 1 hectare. Both plantations and jogging tracks were created.

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