The palm trees in Trelleborg

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Trelleborg is often called the city of Palm trees


Palmallén along Strandgatan is a popular photo stop in the summer in Trelleborg.

In 1984, the first palm trees were planted in Trelleborg. Behind the project was the Mikaeli Market Committee and the then city gardener Peder Hagested and Alf Näslund traveled down to Alicante in Spain to buy palm trees.

There was great excitement when the Dutch long-distance truck arrived with a full load of date palms and palmettos. However, palms used to the Mediterranean climate surely couldn't thrive in Trelleborg, could they? It soon became apparent that the pleasant climate of southern Sweden suited the palm trees perfectly! Soon they rooted and quickly became the most photographed trees in Trelleborg and the surrounding area. The palm trees were planted along the entrance at Strandgatan, so that no traveler from the ferries could miss them.

The palms have become something of a logo for Trelleborg, which is often referred to as the city of palm trees. Consequently, more and more palm trees have been purchased over the years. However, the majority of the trees have been in Trelleborg ever since they arrived from Spain in 1984.

The first winters, the municipality had large difficulties with winter storage - where can you possibly store 5-6 m high trees? Car showrooms was a temporary solution whilst awaiting the palm house which was constructed next to the municipal greenhouses. Inside the palm house, the temperature is about 10 degrees Celsius, a temperature which suits the trees perfectly. During spring, the exotic trees are gradually allowed to rehabituate to outdoor temperatures.

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