The Limestone Kilns

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The lime kilns in Ö. Torp is a so-called dome and the oldest preserved built in the mid 1800's


Limestone has been quarried in the area of Smygehamn for many a year and the countryside still shows traces of the quarrying. Industrial limestone quarrying and burning probably began around 1860. The operations were phased out in 1954 due to poor profitability. The limestone was used for mortar and render, to white-wash houses and even during sugar production. The burning was done in the so-called dome-shaped kilns for periodic operations. In total 10 kilns were in operation. Nine of the kilns have been preserved, the oldest of these is from the mid 19th century, built by German, Herman Wendt it lies between the harbour and the Merchant’s Store. The remaining kilns can be found to the north of Smygehamn.

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