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Address: Norregatan, 23163 Trelleborg Show map

Address: Norregatan, 23163 Trelleborg

There has been a church at the same place since the Middle Ages. Today’s church got its appearance in the 1880s, after a total renovation signed Helgo Zettervall.

When Trelleborg’s church was built it was in the old village center, close to the square.

It is not known exactly how old the church is. The oldest parts tell us that it was probably erected before the Petri church in Ystad was built.

The old church building was dedicated to Saint Nicholas, the saint of seafarers. In 1883 it was replaced by the present building. The drawings were made by Helgo Zettervall. Only one thing is left from the old church, the tower that was built in year 1617. The rest is typical Hugo Zettervall in a mixture of neo-Gothic and Romanesque style.

The single nave building with its narrow nave and wide cross arms has beautiful proportions. There are 24 monk chairs from the 1400s in the chancel. All of them are still used today. The three bells are from the 16th century.

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